The HighFire Risk Project

Project team:
Prof. Jason Sharples, University of New South Wales, Canberra;
Rick McRae, University of New South Wales, Canberra (previously with the ACT Emergency Services Agency)


Australian PyroCb Register The current register of all pyroCb events recorded in Australia.
Black Summer data Summary data graphic for Black Summer, covering weather and satellite imagery.
MAPS UPDATED! A series of maps of the parts of southern Australia, showing terrain patterns that contribute to some of the critical processes that have been identified by our research. This now includes all capital cities south of Brisbane. This is a set of tools for FBANs to use to assess the potential for blow-up fires..
REPORT An end-user oriented report on our research findings.
PAPERS A series of technical papers arising from our research into critical processes that have been identified by our research.
TOOLS A series of training and awareness products developed (or being developed) to aid in the operational use of the research.
RESOURCES A series of resources to aid in the application of the research.

This is draft but essential material, and is not yet authorised.
A series of resources to aid in training field crews to use the research.
It is pitched at general, operational and expert users.

2011 FIRE WEATHER & RISK WORKSHOP HFR is pleased to be able to host the web content for this workshop.
LONG-TERM RECOVERY AFTER A WILDFIRE ON THE URBAN EDGE A long-term time series of photographs after a hot wildfire on Black Mountain in the centre of Canberra, 14th February, 1991. The results may surprise you!

Himawari-8 satellite images. This gives you easy access to near real-time Himawari-8 geostationary satellite imagery. Images provided by Space Science Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin at Madison.

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